Launching Microsoft Viva Learning

Complete mobile flows and desktop handoff to bring learning to the flow of work, with a key focus on Accessibility.

*Case studies can be shared on request.


Starting as an Individual Contributor and eventually building a team, I managed the complete mobile product flows. Additionally, I oversaw the seamless transition and handoff of the desktop product from our partners in Seattle to my team.


  • Successfully led the design and development of Microsoft Viva Learning from inception to General Availability (GA) launch.
  • Prioritized accessibility in all aspects of the design process.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including product management, engineering, and marketing.

  • Context

    Microsoft Viva Learning is a part of the Microsoft Viva suite, designed to foster a culture of learning by seamlessly integrating learning and development opportunities into the workflows of employees. By providing access to a variety of learning content from different providers within Microsoft Teams, it aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the workforce, driving productivity and engagement.

    This is a project that came from Microsoft's mission “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.“ and Microsoft's focus on The Future of Employee Experience.

    Microsoft Viva Learning Product Page
    Microsoft Viva Learning General Availability
    Microsoft Viva on Verge


    Organizations face challenges in ensuring continuous learning and development due to fragmented learning resources, lack of engagement, and insufficient accessibility features that cater to diverse user needs.


    • Developed a user-centric design that integrates learning into daily workflows.
    • Created personalized learning paths to increase relevance and engagement.
    • Enhanced accessibility features to ensure inclusive learning experiences for users with disabilities.
    • Partnered with leading content providers to offer a rich and diverse library of learning materials.


    The biggest takeaway from my time at Microsoft was focusing on accessibility (a11y in short) and achieving the Microsoft 'Accessibility in Action'. This facet of product design has changed the way I look at life and appreciate and experience design more.


    Amit Singh (Manager)
    Mayura Datar
    Swapnil Ghodke
    Deepika Nanda
    Jibin Varghese
    Adarsh Shah
    Very smart Engineers and Program Managers

    Closing Note

    *Case studies can be shared on request.

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