Onboarding Wooplr

Increased engagement and decreased churn by introducing new features and revamped the onboarding experience.


I had worked on the Onboarding and created the Spotlight micro-interaction which is being used widely today in many major mobile and desktop onboarding experiences. This was posted on Github and was trending for the following few weeks.



At Wooplr, I was responsible for designing and delivering the Onboarding experience for the mobile application to reduce customer churn.

I had to actively collaborate with Product Managers, Visual Designers, Researchers, and front-end Engineers across the team to define the constraints and deliver the final screens. I designed and prototyped high fidelity iterations of the on-boarding experience using Adobe XD and After Effects.

Increasing Customer Engagement

I designed the experience of some new features that were going to be introduced to increase customer engagement. This was to be done by changing how the company interacted with the users from Discount-driven Marketing to Engagement-driven Marketing.

Discount-driven Marketing is what most E-Commerce players do at the initial stages of their growth. They offer discounts, which are actually from the pocket of the investor, to the customers and grow their audience till a magic number is reached after which the number grows on its own. This is a gamble because the time taken for this number to be reached varies with companies.

Engagement-driven Marketing, on the other hand, is what large companies like Facebook have cracked. They offer features to increase engagement of the user in such a way that the user does not leave the application at all, sometimes even spending long hours on the application not doing anything.

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